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Our Los Angeles based group provides rapid web and mobile app development for our clients at a low cost.

We are using the absolute latest technologies and unique development methodologies to rapidly develop custom web and mobile applications at affordable cost. We are unique because of our experience, our passion, our backgrounds and our desire to stay ahead of the curve.

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rapid development of web and mobile apps

Our philosophy is to use existing frameworks and cloud computing. to increase code reliability and reduce development costs and time.

Web developers are often require to switch between languages when developing a web or a mobile app. For instance, developing the front end of a web app using Javascript, update the web API using C#, and use SQL to alter database code.

At envisAbility we strongly push to reduce the amount of context switching when building applications. With concepts of MobileFirst design leading the way, our developers are starting with an "outside-in" approach to development. Because "outside-in" design starts with the user, the user interface is prominently out front. One of the linchpins to developing UIs is JavaScript. By being able to start with JavaScript on the client and then being able to reuse these same JavaScript skills on the server (both Node.js and MongoDB are JavaScript based), there is a significant reduction in the amount of context switching between the various programming languages that a developer is required to understand.

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One of the major problems companies encounter when making a smart phone application is multiplicative cost of building a native application across different platforms. While savvy front-end developers have tuned into the development of several hybrid platforms that promise to help address this issue, Ionic Framework and Firebase are a dynamic duo that jointly really do give us amazing flexibility in building real-time smartphone applications using JavaScript and HTML5.


In today’s technology world, time is an essential resource, which if managed efficiently contributes towards achieving the goals of the organization. Time is essential in meeting business needs and staying ahead of your competition. The right system in place provides management with proper information for good decision making necessary to meet client needs and stay competitive. As such, there is a great need for development methodologies that support shorter and effective development cycles.

At Envisability not only we're using effective development methodology, but we also use existing frameworks, templates, and cloud based solution (SaaS) for rapid development. When we architect your solution we conduct a through research for existing technologies that can shorten the development and, more importantly, the testing process.

Smart phones and tablets have changed the way we interact with the web. A responsive layout ensures that a site is displayed correctly on desktops, tablets and smart phones. We design responsive layouts for your site so it adjusts your website to any sized screen.
A website can be defined as an online identity of a company or business. Many people judge a company based on their website. Poor design can damage your online reputation. A first is crucial must be true in case of a website as it creates a good user experience encouraging viewers . We make your website fresh and professional, leading to an increase in your your brand value.
We're pioneering the use of Single Page Applications to create richer more engaging user experiences on the web. This new approach is at the cutting edge of software development.

Single page applications are changing the development status quo for websites and business applications, overhauling the way that web-enabled technology is built. They offer immediacy to the modern, highly-impatient end user, reduce frustration, create a better user experience and as a result improve sales, lead generation, engagement and productivity. The principle is simple. Single page applications use a simple shell (the single page) which is incredibly quick to load, and then harness APIs to update the content displayed dynamically in response to user actions.

We use the latest technologies such as Angular JS, Firebase coupled with HTML5 to create scalable sites that offer speed and reliabilty that is unmatched in today's market place.
Smart devices are rapidly spreading their reach within the business world. From tablets to smart phones, there is no doubt that this technology is here to stay. Every business should not only be utilizing the technology themselves but also be aware of how these devices are being used by their employees, partners, and customers to develop a plan to handle this shift in business. To get your mobile apps developed right, you need a comprehensive understanding of mobile space with the right experience and talent to execute your mobile app projects.

Ensuring that you are using the most popular and most successful platform is essential to any mobile strategy employed by enterprises. Our team has experience working on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, HTML 5 and Windows.

Our skills

Mobile Development

Web Applications

Database Architecture



Responsive Design

We understand the importance of responsive design, which is why every site and application is custom tailored to fit any device. A 'Mobile First' approach to building your site or application is taken to ensure a beautiful rendering on every screen.

Fresh Colors

Color schemes are crucial for brand integrity. We work closely with you to identify a color scheme that best represents your brand and use this scheme to develop your site or application. Brand integrity is always taken into consideration during the design phase of your project.

Easy to Customize

Things change. We offer you empowerment to change your site on the fly as your vision and company grows and adapts to the marketplace. We provide options to keep your site as up to date as possible. Inquire about continued development when developing your customized quote.

OnScroll Animation

Animation gives your users a more engaging platform to interact with your page. We ensure that your page is interactive and engaging so that people stay on your page -- driving conversions and driving sales. We understand at the deepest level how to control animation and when and where it should reside inside your application or site.

Our Features

How we do it

Responsive Design

There has been a paradigm shift in the way that sites are developed. Mobile first is a 'no-brainer' and we design your site to be beautiful on mobile and desktop platforms.

Powerful Options

We cater to you. This is your site, and our job is to turn your ideas into reality. Using the latest technologies, we are able to achieve a beautiful end product that best represents your brand.

Bootstrap Grid

Using existing front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI, we craft elegant sites in a fraction of the time it would normally take. We can get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

jQuery Effects

We use existing JavaScript libraries to animate your site and truly bring it to life. If you have a vision regarding animations, we will execute your vision without trouble.

Easy to Modify

Things change. Our code is simple and clean. Making changes and extending your site is an operation that can be done quickly and is cost efficient. We offer a limited warranty so that you can test your site in the market it will reside.

Premium Support

Our team is available via email, and we will respond usually within 24 hours. We stand behind our product, and guarantee the quality of our work. Any bugs you find will be remedied as soon as they are discovered.

Life Cycle

How does it work?

learn how we take your concept and turn it into a live web or a mobile app.

Initial Concept

Requirements Gathering

Initial project details are acquired and prototyping begins. We construct a prototype for your approval. Once everything is approved, development can begin and we can begin rapid deployment of your site or app so that you can get your presence online as fast and as efficient as possible.

Phase One

Project Outlining

We work with you to tailor your site or app to your specific needs. We understand you have a vision, and it is our job to bring your vision to life. From start to finish, we work with you to outline the scope of your project and give you realistic, timely and accurate time projections.

Phase Two


We test your site or application vigorously to ensure that there are no bugs prior to deployment. This ensures that every product we produce is of the utmost quality before it is handed over to its final production environment.

Phase Three

Production Environment

After testing is complete, we handle deployment of your app or site. Whether it is setting up DNS or deployment to Amazon Web Services, we make sure your site is in a live environment prior to handing over the finished product. We save you the headache of doing all of this by yourself.

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